1 Have you been here before & 2 No this is the first time by Robert Wilson, Kunstfest National Theater of Germany | Video Design Assistant, Weimar 2014.



In an exceptional performance, director and artist Robert Wilson invites us into his astonishing aesthetic universe. Combining hundreds of striking images from his prolific career, Wilson provides an intimate self-portrait of his creative process.

Robert Wilson references his landmark original works for the stage such as »Deafman Glance«, »A Letter for Queen Victoria«, »Einstein on the Beach« (created with composer Philip Glass), »The CIVIL warS« and »The Black Rider«, as well as his acclaimed work for the operatic and theatrical repertoire, including his luminous stagings of »Madama Butterfly«, Wagner’s »Ring Cycle«, »The Magic Flute«, Ibsen’s »PeerGynt« and Heiner Mueller’s »Quartett«.

At the conclusion of the performance, the audience is invited to explore Mr. Wilson’s ideas further during an informal question-and-answer period.


Have you been here before 1 & 2 , Robert Wilson | Video Design Assistant, Weimar 2014. | 2014 | Set Design & Scenic Space