Schubladen by She She Pop, Kunstfest National Theater of Germany | Video Design Assistant, Weimar 2014.


In »Schubladen« members of She She Pop (all of whom grew up in the West) invite a number of counterparts socialized in the East to open their respective drawers, so to speak, and approachone another anew. Letters, extracts from diaries and favourite records are sorted in a loose chronological order, combined into thematic areas and read out to the respective soundtrack. Private memories are placed beside events in world history. Reunification is conceived as workon a relationship. The six women sit as couples opposite one another; a mixture of speed-dating, archival work and hen party; a polyphonic and highly subjective chronicle of east-west German history narrated live.

Schubladen by She She Pop, DNT Kunstfest | Video Design Assistant, Weimar 2014. | 2014 | Set Design & Scenic Space